How to make grinding machine tools more energy saving and environmental protection?

How to make grinding machine tools more energy saving and environmental protection?

To process a complete workpiece, a grinding machine is required to grind the workpiece’s appearance in the later stage of workpiece processing. This is also impossible for other machines. However, we can find many features and advantages when using the grinder. And also understand by many people who use the surface grinder.


Let ’s talk about how to make the grinder more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


1.Apply the frequency conversion speed regulation skills to the grinder

The grinder is agitated with electricity and then operated. The electrical skills we used in the past are based on the traditional starting circuit. After the motor is started, it works at the extra speed. Although this circuit working method is safe, the grid voltage must be shaken. It will affect the motor speed error, and then affect the operation of the grinder. It is difficult to get used to the standard grinding wheel motor starting circuit. Different workpiece sizes require different processing speeds. Therefore, the precision of the workpiece processed by the grinding machine is difficult to ensure.

After the frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted for the grinding machine, the shaking of the circuit can be reduced, and the operation of the grinding machine is more stable. After the accuracy of the grinding machine is improved, the appearance of waste products and failed products will be reduced, and then the processing power will be improved to reach the intention of saving energy.


2.Grinding wheel output speed

It can also pass the output speed of the grinding wheel of a stable grinder to improve the processing quality of goods, thereby achieving energy saving and environmental protection. There are many kinds of products that need to be processed by the grinder. And the size of the workpiece is different, so the processing accuracy is also different. Not all products can be processed with the same wheel speed. We need to fix the speed of the grinding wheel. Through the intelligent setting, it has reached a stable effect. By controlling the output speed of the grinding wheel, it can correspondingly reduce the occurrence of chatter marks/burning marks, etc., the grinding accuracy is guaranteed, and the output power is low and the quality is improved.

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