Introducing the WMT CNC Mini CNC Milling Machine-XK7113D

Introducing the WMT CNC Mini CNC Milling Machine-XK7113D

About two month ago, our engineer designed a mini cnc milling machine XK7113D with alfa controller. The XK7113 series represents a ground up rethinking of all the aspects of our best-selling mills, incorporating years’ worth of upgrades, optimization, and customer feedback.

The XK7113D have redesigned enclosures and stands, more power spindle (12000rpm electrical spindle).


12000rpm high-speed electrical spindle unit.

With engraving function.

Suitable for casting and steel processing.

Lower noise and high precision.

Vertical controller panel with easy operation and beauty

Suitable for mould machining and production in lots and engraving.

Max. drilling dia.13mm16mm13mm
Max. milling dia.13mm16mm13mm
Max. tapping dia.—-M8—-
Spindle speed3000rpm3000rpm12000rpm
Spendle center to column distance189mm194mm200mm
Spindle nose to table distance205mm215mm215mm
Spindle taperER20ER25ER20
T-slot size (NxWxD)3/12/40mm3/12/40mm3/12/40mm
Worktable size400X140mm400X140mm400X140mm
X axis travel220mm220mm220mm
Y axis travel120mm120mm120mm
Z axis travel200mm200mm200mm
Main motor power400W1.2KW2.2KW
Main motor typeBrushless motorServo motorFrequency motor
Feeding motor torque2.6/2.6/3.2 N.m2.0/2.0/3.0 N.m
Feeding motor typeStepper motor with open loopStepper motor with closed loop, Z axis with brake
Controller systemMach 3After-CNC 1500MDC
Overall size(LxWxH)590x590x780mm1100x600x1380mm


Machine structure:


This mini cnc milling machine includes a base, a vertical column, a worktable, a headstock, a tool- magazine, an electric- cabinet, a control panel and button station, a cooling tank and a lubrication system. The electric cabinet installed on the back side of the machine. And the overall layout of which is compact in structure, convenient in operation and small in area occupied.


The worktable is a key component to put the work pieces to be machined into feed motion along the X and Y direction to fulfill the cutting processing. The feed motion along the X direction is realized by the stepping motor installed on the right side, in which the stepping motor drives, through a coupling, the ball screw pair into rotation and the ball screw pair drives further the worktable into working.

We apply the ball screw shaft and the screw pair to pre-tightening force.In order to increase the axial rigidity and the transmission accuracy of the screw.


The vertical column is also one of the base parts of the machine and on it there are the guideway, along which the head stock moves upward and downward, and the ball screw pair of the Z axis installed.

The feed motion of the head stock in the Z direction is fulfill by a stepping motor, in which the steeping motor drives, through the coupling, the ball screw pair into rotation. We apply the ball screw shaft and the screw pair to pre-tightening force. In order to increase the axial rigidity and the transmission accuracy of the screw.

The guideway is also in a rectangular structure and is precisely after supersonic frequency hardening treatment, so as to increase its rigidity and wear resistance.


The spindle is driven by the main motor into rotation through the synchronous belt and the belt pulleys. Using the ER collet to realize the tool unclamping in the machine.

Leaving behind the numbered series for our product names allows us to develop in iterations. And provide you with the latest machine technology without the overhead of launching an entire new machine series. That means that we’ll be improving our machines more often and updating will be much simpler.

This mini CNC milling machine has been in development for half one year. Testing the new design during this time frame, both in and out of house.

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