• Certification: ISO9001 CE
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Warranty:  13 months
  • Voltage: As customers’ requirement
  • Color: As customers’ requirement
  • After-sale service: Available
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    This slotting machine is used for cutting plane and shape of parts surface and groove, etc.


    Maximum cutting length(inserted hole 450 mm)500mm
    Table diameter1000mn
    Worktable maximum longitudinal movement distance660nm
    Worktable maximum lateral movement distance1000mm
    Workbench maximum load2000kg
    Distance from work surface to the lower end of the carnage740mm
    Distance from the tool support surface to the front wall of the bed990mm
    Ram adjustment distance430nm
    Ram tilt angle (left and right direction)±10deg
    Number of ram reciprocation(minutes)
    Workable vertical and horizontal maneuvering feed rate map(millimeter ram reciprocating once)
    Working and turning maneuvering feed range(slipping once)3’6’9’12’18’36
    Maximum cutting force16000N
    Main drive electric machine7.5kw1440r.P.m
    Feed servo motor4.0kw
    Cooling pump motor0.125kw2800r.p.m
    Machine weight10.3T
    Machine contour(length x width x height)3480×2085×3307mm
    Split package size3680/2260/1200/2250/1100/2250mm

    Main Features

    • The machine adopts double crank mechanism the moving stable table adopts advanced PLC system and this feeding system is composed of digital control system and feeding motor system.
    • Worktable with mobile rotary positioning, provides convenience processing multiple keyways simultaneously,continuous non-polar feed, with real-time feed parameters are shown on a text display.
    • When the machine tool is used for a long time,the machine system wears severely,it can be carried out by professionals to do some error compensation with the control system to ensure the accuracy.


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