• Certification: ISO9001 CE
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Warranty:  13 months
  • Voltage: As customers’ requirement
  • Color: As customers’ requirement
  • After-sale service: Available
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    Shaping machine BC60100 is suitable for cutting all kinds of small parts of the plane, T type groove and forming surface, can be used for single or
    mass production.


    Maximum planing length1000mm
    Maximum distance from the bottom of the working table400mm
    lateral travel800mm
    Vertical stroke380mm
    Tool frame travel160mm
    Sleeper reciprocating times (per minute)15/20/29/42/58/83
    Main motor power7.5KW
    The maximum size(width*thickness)of the handle30×45mm
    The size of the T groove in the center of the worktable22mm
    Angle of rotation±60°(tool post)
    Workbench size1000×500mm
    Shape size3640×1570×1780mm
    Mechine tool weight (about)4870/5150KG
    Package dimensions3700/1600/1800mm

    Main Features

    • Optimize the principle of design, the machine is beautiful, easy to operate.
    • The vertical and horizontal guide rail is used for rectangular guide and the stability is better.
    • The use of advanced ultra – frequency quenching process, so that the machine’s life longer.

    Machine details

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